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Ed and Bonnie Franko’s 1938 V-12                                      

The car originally belonged to Governor Hurley of Mass. The Franko's have put over 16,000 miles on it since they have owned it, and they are the third owner. It is a totally original car which they have a lot of fun with

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1956 Caribbean Convertible
This is the Franko's latest project. Ed is the Chief Judge for the PAC and everything is beautifully restored. 374 Cubic inches  310 Horsepower
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                       All done and a blue ribbon winner at Meadowbrook  Congratulation Bonnie and Ed

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1955  400 2dr AKA Tweety  Description: Description: C:\Users\Lucinda\Desktop\eastgrandpackards\public_html\tweety.gif

352 cubic inches

260 horsepower
All original
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