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he 1952 PACKARD 200 Deluxe: 

     I found our 1952 Packard on the www.CarsOnLine.com while searching the Packard listings in October 2004.
    It is a 200 Deluxe Club Sedan, S/N: 2565 - 4902, which means it is a 2501 Series 2-door sedan that is dressed up with the chrome rear fender "fins" and a chrome/stainless steel bead molding around the windows.  The exterior color is Labrador Gray, an appealing blue-gray, not the typical black or dark blue or weird green of the 50's.  The interior is a black and gray striped cloth. Both front & rear seats have had vinyl seat covers, so they are in good condition; however, there is a small amount of moth damage to the driver’s seat.


It was sold new at Stemlar Motors in Cedar Rapids, IA.
    From the original Invoice, # 52-108, dated 9/6/52:
   The List Price is                             $2433.00,
   the Transportation Charge is            $   67.50,
   the Prep. & Cond. charge is             $  54.00,
   the Excise Tax is                            $188.00
   bringing the total to                        $2742.50.
Adding in the optional equipment listed:                                                                    
    Overdrive                                       $ 102.00;
    Fender Shields                              $   21.45;
    Trunk Light                                    $    3.05;
    WSW Tires                                   $   27.50;
    155 HP Engine, extra/                    $   45.00;
    Fresh Air Heater                            $   76.50;
    Easamatic Brakes                         $   39.45;
    Hub Shell Covers                           $     7.65;
and a dealer installed radio                 $   97.00


For a grand total:                               $ 3162.20
License Fee                                      $    14.00;
and "Use Tax" of                                $    63.24;
For a Grand, Grand Total:                   $ 3239.44
Less Trade-in of a 1949 2301 Club Sedan
                                                        $ 1789.44
A Mr. Ronald Fleming had to pay        $ 1450.00 for it in 1952.

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Ironically, an uncle of mine was a professor at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA for his entire career; however, he never drove Packards as he put his 4 sons through medical schools.  He died before I bought the car, so I never got to ask if he knew of the dealership.
It has the original sticker on the dashboard informing/warning the owner that the car is equipped with Easamatic Brakes, and it is still readable, if you look at it from the correct angle, with the sun and planets aligned right.
The guy I bought it from drove it from the Detroit, MI area to his home in Endwell, NY near Binghamton, NY. He lost interest in keeping it and advertised it on the www.CarsOnLine.com website.   There were 3 views of it on the website, so I emailed him to ask if he had more pictures of it.  He supplied me with 48 pictures - 24 when it was on the ground, and 24 when it was on a lift - of the underside; I could see there was no rust-through of the floor pan so I said to myself, “Wow, I want this car, if it is in this condition!"    To make a long story short, there is a problem with the body mounts -to- the frame; I'll be doing some serious repairs there so the doors close like Packard doors should.   With the sag it now has, jambs don't align just right and the doors need to be slammed closed.   It'll be done right when I do it - - - just "Ask the man (or woman) who owns one!"
Henry (Hank) Goellner





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