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Steve Kelly created this drawing. Nice Job Steve.

Here are my drawings of a '57 Packard front and rear view. I'm still working on the three quarter view art as well.  Automotive Art is my avocation,
with Packards a frequent subject. Also, while not currently a car owner,
I have in the past had as parts cars a '57 Clipper Town Sedan and a '56
Clipper Custom Constellation and briefly owned a '30 733 club coupe project
car now in the hands of a capable PAC member.


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                                             Rear view

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The Packard Re-Designer

By Steve Kelley

As much as I like all cars Packard built over the years, still there are some series with designs that are less than satisfying.  Since Iíve drawing cars since childhood, I frequently draw my versions of Packards.   In this, the first in an occasional series, I take the idea of Packards as a design problem.  Specifically, what would I present if I had the job of developing design ideas for the next Packard?    Having the advantage of hindsight as a great help:

Taking the Clipper body as basis, for the rear, adding 4-5 inches of length to the rear fenders ending in an elongated version of the í41-í42 Senior taillights.  The rear bumper is similar to the design we know, except it is squarer in plan view to accommodate the longer fenders. The trunk opening is held over but the shape of the lid is squared up to have a crease suggesting the shape of the pre-war luggage racks that repeated the Packard radiator. 

Next installment, Iíll show my re-design of the í48 side styling.



'30 734 Speedster Convertible Sedan & Sport Sedan Designs
In approaching my 734 Speedster designs, I decided to integrate many of the then current design trends in both America and Europe.
For the main body: the full-length, over-the-cowl hood, leading smoothly into the body width allowing lower sills dropped over the frame and close-coupled, intimate proportions, ending at the rear axle area.    
To emphasize the visual length of the hood, consistent with sporting design practice, the spares are rear mounted. The hood vent door panel is lengthened to accommodate five doors, the rearward edge angled parallel with the hood and front door openings. The hood trim, with barbed spear, subtly widens, ends on the hood, per Fernandez & Darrin style. The only other brightwork trims are the polished stainless window sills. Both body designs rely on subtle shaping and light reflection to define their elegant appearance.
Also reflecting F & D, is the front fender sweeping into an abbreviated step, separate step plate for the rear door, and separate rear fender with forward curved stone guard. The deep touring trunk, tucked close to the rear body, was common on European coachbuilt sporting cars.
The upper structure: thin, chromed, windshield and side window frames are convertible-style with half-door construction and removable center pillar, even on the sport sedan, an early four door hardtop.   The rear door window is designed to fully retract into the door with the center pillar removed.   How it works: first by winding down part way parallel to the rear window and door cut angle.  Next, the forward edge swings down pivoting on the rear stop point.  Finally, descending completely into the door space, to allow a completely clean look.
To complete the unified look, solid color body and fenders, chrome disk wheels with purposeful blackwall tires.
Eventually, when the oil painting is finished, a Continental Touring Coupe image will be found here as well.

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1930 Packard 745 Speedster Sport Phaeton
Steven Kelley

One design frequently leads to another, as can be seen in the full-length hood and fender ensemble of my '734 Speedsters designs used here as well.   As long as we'd creating a never existent custom design, may as well be on a never existent chassis.   Though, the idea of a 745 chassis fitted with 734 powertrain is an intriguing one.
 As noted, the inspiration for the overall shape and details come from the '29 Stutz Roadster-Phaeton by LeBaron.  That body was essentially a roadster form with the tonneau seat, top, second windshield and windwings all concealable when not in use.  The molding framed the driver cockpit, trailing off along the sides as usually found on roadsters.
In this case, I've designed the tonneau seat as stationary, collared the rear of the body and offset the small built-in trunk to allow for a top folded flat with the belt line.   The cream and Prussian blue scheme emphasizes the sweeping nature of the design, with purposeful chrome disks and blackwalls.   The gray top is intended to compliment but does not dominate the overall color combination.

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1930 Packard 745 Speedster Sport Berline
Frequently, one design inspires other variations.   The custom bodied sport sedan/sport berline types of this period are a personal favorite, in this case, the 745 Dietrich sport sedan was inspiration for the overall proportions.  
Unlike that design and similar to 745 Derham sport sedan, convertible type half-doors, with stainless framed windows and removable center pillar create a light and airy appearance, an early four door hardtop.
Eventually a background will be painted, thus no hood ornament, just wanted to show the design for now.



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