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Hello, my name is Robert Tylor. Scroll down and you'll see the beautiful 1940 180 #1806 Club Sedan owned by my wife Marion and myself.  Go even further down and see my new 1937 Packard Limousine

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Description: Description: C:\Users\Lucinda\Desktop\eastgrandpackards\public_html\rmtylor5.jpgMy most recent purchase is this1937 Packard Super Eight 7 passenger Limousine #1502 139 wheelbase. The car is pictured on the top of page 18 December 2006 Cormorant News Bulletin. Mechanically it is sound and super original interior, but it needs a complete paint job.

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         UPDATE - Here is the latest picture showing the new paint job.

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Here is a few pictures of my lastest new toy
a 1956  2-door Caribbean Hardtop

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This was my first Packard.  While in high school I would cut the grass and shovel snow for a neighbor Mr. Brown.  Every winter they went to Florida and I had to winterize the car and put it up on cinder block.  As he got older he had give up driving. He sold me the car; I do not recall what I paid for it, or how many miles were on it.  I do recall it was a good running car.  I was 22 years old when I brought the car in 1952

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1940 Packard 1800 110 six Touring Sedan 122" Wheelbase Body #1382 motor 100hp Color dark gray Base Sale Price in 1940 $995.00.  In the background is my first house built 1952 in Corning NY. I owned this car from 1952-1958.  I wish I were smart enough to have cherished it when I had it.

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